Bring Flat Graphics to Life With Lenticular

Capture your customers’ attention with lenticular graphics! Lenticular treatments add an eye-catching layer of interest to retail signage, displays, promotional advertisements, and mailers, achieving dimensional and digital-like effects within a flat surface.

What is lenticular, and how does it work?

Lenticular printing is a multi-step process involving the creation of a lenticular image from at least two images and combining it with a clear plastic lenticular lens. Selected images are flattened into individual frame files, and then digitally combined into a single final file in a process called interlacing. From there the interlaced image can be printed directly to the back of the lens, or it can be printed to a substrate and laminated to the lens.

When the interlaced graphic is viewed through the lens by an observer, light is refracted into different angles for the left and right eyes. One image will be seen by the left eye and another image will be seen by the right eye, and that overlap is perceived as a 3-D effect by the brain.

Several effects can be achieved through lenticular printing:

  • TRANSFORMATION Two or more very different images are layered, and the lenses are designed to require a relatively large change in angle of view to switch between images. Movement of the viewer or the print causes the image to ‘flip’ from one image to another–perfect for a dramatic transformation or before/after images. 
  • 3-D To achieve a realistic dimensional effect, a small viewing angle is created between layered images so that each eye sees a slightly different view. These layers of images result in a 3-D effect that is visible without the use of special glasses.
  • ANIMATION To create an animation effect, a medium distance is created between different angles of view so that while both eyes perceive the same picture, moving a little bit from one side to another causes the image to switch to the next picture in the series. This effect can be used to create an image that moves, or it can create a zoom or morph effect, in which part of the image expands in size or alters shape as the angle of view changes.
  • VIDEO Full-motion video uses multiple frames of action showing movement from beginning to end, like watching a video clip. This complex effect is optimized when the background remains constant and the application is interactive or spinning on its own.

Lenticular is a truly unique option for differentiating your retail displays and promotional mailings. Contact Imagine! Print Solutions today to learn more about lenticular and discuss how you can incorporate custom, eye-catching effects into your next project!