Elevate Your Impulse Strategy

The spontaneous shopping habits of modern consumers have long benefited retailers.  More than 64% of American shoppers admit they regularly make impulse purchases, and these unplanned purchases account for a significant amount of overall consumer spending. A recent survey found that the average American spends $5,400 per year—that’s $324,000 in a lifetime—on unplanned, impulsive purchases (SlickDeals 2018).

A well-designed visual communications strategy can help retailers make the most of these shopper insights. Consider these proven tactics to elevate your POP strategy and spur more impulse purchases.

This display expertly combines clever design, convenient merchandising, and high visibility.


Place your visual communications and merchandise where shoppers are most likely to see and experience them. Strategic placement of key POP displays in high-traffic spaces—front feature areas, action alleys, aisle endcaps, near registers—guarantees interaction with the greatest number of shoppers and sets up the potential for impulse purchases.


Retailers with established Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store programs would benefit from placing displays near designated pick-up areas. Up to 49% of BOPIS shoppers acknowledge they are willing to purchase additional items when picking up their online order. This is an invaluable opportunity for retailers to cross-sell and upsell to shoppers who are already in-store and committed to buy. 

This bright, fun design is both attention-grabbing and shoppable.


Utilize accessible POP design to create an easy and convenient shopping environment. Multi-sided displays draw attention and provide easy access to merchandise no matter which way shoppers are facing, allowing them to simply grab and go without dwelling and debating. Because eye level is buy level, place your most profitable merchandise where it will be clearly visible and easily reached by all passersby. 


Great POP commands attention, stops traffic, and motivates action while letting your product shine. Incorporate elements that captivate the senses, such as bold graphics, motion, lights, sound, texture, and unique embellishments. These details foster positive connections between shopper and product that lead to heightened emotional motivation and quick decision-making.