Streamline Print Marketing Through RetailSPACE

As shopper behaviors evolve and retail environments shift to meet modern consumer demands, marketers are continually under pressure to provide unique and personal experiences while keeping within print budget restrictions. When it comes to achieving maximum impact and efficiency with print campaigns, it is clear that understanding individual store locations is crucial, allowing you to deliver the right messages to the right places at the right time.

With three decades of retail experience under our belt, Imagine! understands these high expectations and the difficulty of developing smart, sophisticated, and varied print campaigns.

That’s why we’ve created RetailSPACE–an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly campaign management platform designed to enable strategic localized marketing.   

The RetailSPACE system streamlines campaign management through five key areas: 

  • STORE— Keep store location profiles organized, current, and in one place
  • PLAN— Develop smart marketing campaigns and version them to individual store profiles
  • ALIGN— Create an accessible single source to validate data accuracy and minimize error
  • COLLABORATE— Connect corporate and field teams to efficiently maintain information
  • EXECUTE— Allocate engaging, targeted messaging to the right place at the right time
RetailSPACE platform features include:
  • Accessiblility via any internet-connected device
  • A brand-agnostic framework with options for customization
  • Secure logins and user-level permissions
  • Real-time updating
  • Store location validation (spaces, fixtures, etc.)
  • Group locations by region, demographics, language, or local preferences

Make your in-store marketing future-proof. CONTACT US to learn more about RetailSPACE, schedule a personal demo, and start managing your location profiles today!