Enable Inspiring Experiences

Modern consumers continually seek more than just a run-of-the-mill shopping trip–they want unique, inspiring shopping experiences that allow them to engage with brands and products before they can be enticed to buy. Meeting these expectations need not require radical brand transformations, but simply rethinking store layout or marketing strategy. Consider these key tips to help enable memorable in-store experiences. 

Clean lines, bright lighting, and sharp graphics create a sleek shopping environment.


Chaotic spaces, disorganized merchandise, and cluttered messaging can overwhelm and discourage shoppers, creating negative impressions and thwarting the path to purchase. Providing a comfortable, bright, well-organized, and attractive shopping environment can help entice foot traffic, encourage longer time spent in store, streamline the selection process, and motivate more sales. 

Unique dimensional displays glorify products and capture shopper attention.


Creating lasting impressions with consumers requires both effective communication and the facilitation of standout encounters with your brand. Now is the time to get creative with your messaging and merchandising. Experiment with impactful visual elements, such as color, light, unique embellishments, size, and layers of dimension within your signage and displays. Utilize all available surfaces strategically, from floor to ceiling and windows to aisles to walls. Bring bold personality to your space with POP that conveys brand style, fosters emotional connections, and entices interaction; product sales have been shown to increase by 1.4 times when a display is present! 

View from a mobile AR app interacting with printed floor graphic.



Smart use of technology can not only simplify and smooth the shopping experience for consumers, but transform it into something fresh, exciting, and multidimensional. Mobile apps are becoming more complex, able to interact between e-commerce sites and in-store floorplans, merchandise, and signage to provide greater levels of convenience and service. Virtual and augmented reality technology can be integrated with printed graphics, merging the digital and real world to enable richer, unique, and personalized in-store experiences that create lasting impressions.


In our incredibly interconnected world, every opinion and perspective is just a tap away from being shared across the web. The experience of each individual customer has the power to influence countless others, making it all the more imperative for that experience to be positive, noteworthy, and inspiring. Well-designed shopping environments, unique and relevant products, interesting displays, and technology-enabled experiences help to create moments worth sharing and encourage promotion through word-of-mouth. 

Providing a convenient and memorable shopping experience is essential to maintaining customer loyalty. We’ve got the capabilities and know-how to set your brand up for success. Contact Imagine! today to learn how we can help you activate an engaging in-store experience!