Create 3D, Ship 2D

Save money and ship your dimensional signage flat. Not all brand owners engineer their P.O.P. displays with the distribution chain in mind. At Imagine!, we consider the whole supply chain when engineering a product, not just the last checkpoint.

Consider the process your P.O.P. display goes through to get to its final consumer-facing destination. First, it’s printed, then it’s packaged and shipped off to a distribution center where it’s handled again, and finally shipped off to stores or restaurants. Once it arrives, someone assembles it. All of these little stops along the way can negatively affect the final look of your dimensional display once it’s constructed.

Instead of shipping your display dimensional, ship it flat. Work with your print supplier to engineer a dimensional piece that can ship partially assembled, just enough so that it’s efficient to ship, but also assembles quickly when your team gets ahold of it.

Shipping & handling are the biggest reasons signage shows up to stores crushed or broken. Imagine! has designed countless displays and signs to ship 2-dimensional and assemble 3-dimensional in no time when your field team receives it. Shipping flat also reduces carton size resulting in a lower shipping expense and a more manageable kit size. It’s a win for all.

This Holiday tree shipped flat so the retailer could save money on shipping, eliminate the possibility of damage, and still have an impactful 3D piece to hang in stores.


Engineered to ship flat, save you money, and still be impactful

Come to Imagine! with your dimensional ideas and be ready to inspire your customers.