Consider This: Floor Graphics

Are you looking for unique ways to create visual interest, define your spaces, and drive in-store traffic? Don’t forget to utilize the floor!

Floor graphics can help direct shoppers to certain store areas, draw attention to various products and merchandise, create engaging shopping environments, pull together the overall look of a promotional campaign, or simply welcome guests into your space. In general, floor graphic substrates incorporate a flexible, pressure-sensitive vinyl with a sturdy protective laminate layered over top. 

This floor graphic concept is designed to drive traffic directly to a featured product.

Floor graphics have a number of benefits:
  • They tend to be extremely durable and resistant to wear/tear.
  • There are a wide variety of material options available.
  • Can print custom graphics using virtually any print method and finish 100% in-house.
  • Finished piece can be cut to unique shapes.
  • Store install is fairly simple–if you can apply a window cling, you can install a floor graphic!
  • Most materials are permanent with removable characteristics, allowing for the graphics to stay in place during a promotion and be removed immediately following its duration.
When choosing floor graphic materials:
  • Consider the intended usage. Materials and adhesives are created for specific applications, such as indoor vs. outdoor, carpet vs. hard flooring, etc.  
  • Most materials have an average longevity of up to 6 months; this can vary based on the type of material and amount of foot traffic.
  • Keep in mind size limitations: most materials come in rolls of 30″, 54″, or 60″ width.

The Imagine! team is ready to provide innovative solutions to fit your unique needs. CONTACT US to learn more about floor graphic options and discuss your next project!