Challenge Accepted: Tabletop Demo Display

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi X to produce an innovative tabletop display to promote P&G’s new Febreze NOTICEables Air Freshener.
The tabletop display would consist of a lighted and scented display that would feature the air freshener and its dual fragrance capabilities. The tabletop display would be used by a retailer to demo the new product to in-store shoppers.

From design to completion, the Imagine! Design Department worked closely with Saatchi & Saatchi X to develop a display that accurately reflected the uniqueness of the P&G product.
By using numerous substrates and design techniques, the team at Imagine! was able to effectively produce a creative demo tabletop display. These units were kitted and supplied to over 600 Sam’s Club locations across the country.

The Specs:

Main Display: Printed 24 pt and mounted to blank 24 pt backer with gloss aqueous coating.

Easel: Printed 32 ECT B BW 1 Side.

Lighting: Installed LED 2-color sequential light string. Battery operated. Lights programmed to display green and blue sequence.

P&G Product: Febreze NOTICEables air freshener is plugged into display unit. Scented oil warmer with two alternating scents.

The display included 20’ extension cord in back compartment housing unit. The display unit plugs into an electrical outlet so shoppers can see and smell how the air freshener works. The alternating lights highlight the two distinct scents of the product.