Challenge Accepted: Register Toppers

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Dairy Queen to produce a unique in-store register topper promoting the company’s new Mini Blizzard product line. Imagine! worked alongside Dairy Queen to produce a creative point-of-purchase display that incorporated the actual Mini Blizzard cup. A portion of the topper was diecut in the shape of the cup that would be inserted into the unit. A perforated flap was created to fold into the cup holding it securely to the piece.

In order to achieve a product integration effect, artwork was incorporated on the flap to imitate an ice cream filled cup. Special attention was made to the design of the perforated flap to reduce the extra space at the top of the cup. This minimized the potential impact of waste placed in the cup. The back of the topper incorporated instructional reminders for in-store associates to cross-sell this new product to their customers.

More than ten thousand register toppers were printed, kitted and supplied to Dairy Queen for placement in its restaurants.

The Specs:

The Dairy Queen register toppers were printed on 14 pt. C1S SBS with UV gloss finish. The entire piece was designed to be placed in a swivel mechanism. This unit adhered to the store register and allowed the in-store associate to shift the topper to the appropriate sightline depending on the register type.

Additional assembly instruction sheets were printed and delivered with the piece instructing in-store associates on product placement and register installation. Mini Blizzard cups were provided at store locations for full assembly.