Challenge Accepted: Quick-Turn Marketing

A large retailer needed an urgent signage kit printed and shipped to its 1,500+ store network in time for Black Friday. After analyzing in-store sales from a prior weekend, the retailer sought to supplement its holiday campaign and move more merchandise through a complimentary promotion.
As an existing print supplier for this retailer, Imagine! received a late call Monday, November 21st, for 18,000 new promotional signs consisting of 12 different versions. The Imagine! Contingency Team sprang into action converting files, printing and trimming overnight. Signs were kitted and shipped the following day making a Wednesday deadline for store sets before the Black Friday rush.
We move at the speed of retail. Imagine! can turn supplemental promotional signage around in just 48 hours and refresh your marketing mix. Lean on our vast retail experience and industry-leading lead times for your quick-turn marketing needs.

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