Challenge Accepted: Promotional Packaging

The Story:

Imagine! partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) to print and distribute the company’s coffee sampler kits to its consumer base. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers various coffee brand selections in the form of K-cup portion packs made for the company’s Keurig coffee makers. The company was looking to promote its products and stimulate demand by creating a dynamic sample program.

GMCR initially turned to Imagine! to kit samplers of its Brew over Ice variety packs. Imagine! hand assembled and distributed over 60,000 K-Cup portion pack samplers to the company’s distribution network. GMCR quickly gained confidence in Imagine!’s kitting capabilities and the partnership quickly grew into a strong collaboration.

Imagine! expanded into the design, printing and direct distribution of various K-Cup portion sample packs. The design team at Imagine! worked alongside GMCR to produce a package design for various K-Cup sample packs. Special attention was made to the production of these packages to allow for versioning and rigid construction for mail delivery. Along with bulk shipments to its distribution channels, GMCR partnered with Imagine! to successfully execute direct distribution of its sample packs to the company’s consumer network.

The Imagine! team was able to work alongside GMCR to effectively manage the company’s mailing lists. Data processing included address correction and de-duplication for postal optimization. After printing various sample pack versions, consumer names and addresses were ink jetted onto each sample package and an identifier was added for mail tracking. Imagine! was able to provide GMCR with a quick, ten-day turnaround from print to distribution for its largest mailings.

Over a six-month campaign period, Imagine! printed, assembled and shipped over 900,000 K-Cup portion sample packs. Over fourteen sample pack versions were designed for the company’s Café Escapes, Barista Prima and Fair Trades branded K-Cups. Imagine! was successful in streamlining the various reprints and fulfilling distribution dates throughout the entire campaign; including GMCR’s Barista Prima promotion, which was the largest sampler push in company history.