Challenge Accepted: Promotional Activation Cards

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Starbucks to produce its Pick of the Week music give-a-way program. Starbucks, in conjunction with Apple, developed an in-store promotional program allowing Starbucks customers to obtain free music downloadable through the iTunes Store. The music would be available through Pick of the Week cards provided at more than 10,000 Starbucks locations in the United States and Canada.

Starbucks turned to Imagine! to handle the production and distribution of its in-store card program. Imagine! worked alongside Starbucks to successfully produce over 3 million Pick of the Week cards every month. The cards were printed flexo on 80# Cover New Leaf, which is an environmentally-friendly stock consisting of 80% recycled content. The cards were printed 4 over 1, with the front of the cards featuring the artist and the song available for download, while the back presented download instructions.

The Apple iTunes group provided Imagine! with over 3 million unique codes every month for both U.S. and Canadian store locations. Each variable code consisted of ten to twelve digits and was printed inkjet on the back of each card using Imagine!’s finishing equipment. Imagine! was able to design its equipment to code up to 1,700 cards a minute. Cards were shrink-wrapped in sets of seventy-five and an additional label card was applied to each set providing weekly promotion dates.

Over 10,000 site-specific kits were produced every month for the Pick of the Week program. Four different kit variations were printed and distributed according to store requirements and quantity needs. An additional letter was sent with each kit describing the weekly promotions for the month providing in-store associates with detailed instructions on program implementation.

The majority of kits were shipped to the client’s distribution center for monthly allocation, and an additional two thousand kits were drop-shipped by Imagine! on a monthly basis to locations across the United States and Canada.

From prepress to distribution, the team at Imagine! was able to turnaround a monthly promotion in as little as eleven days. Over 3 million cards were printed and uniquely coded every month, giving stores a month lead time before their weekly Pick of the Week promotions.