Challenge Accepted: Product Glorifier

A Hawaiian brewing company was searching for an inspirational display to call attention to its alcoholic beverages in retail stores across the country. The display would serve as a product glorifier and resemble a traditional Tiki Hut, giving customers an “aloha” feeling.

With only a photo idea in hand, the Imagine! Structural & Design team put on their Hawaiian shirts and started concepting. The mission was to recreate a Tiki Bar experience by creating an appealing product glorifier. With limited real estate available, a durable, semi-permanent display was engineered.

The three-dimensional Tiki Hut floor displays were developed to provide an inviting shopping experience. Complete with thatch and replicated bamboo columns, the corrugate design cleverly ‘wrapped’ around cases of beverages. The project was completed within budget, shipped in one easy-to-maneuver box, and was quick to assemble in stores. More than 500 Tiki Hut floor displays hit retail stores across the nation, making this brand’s products stand out in a sea of others.

Need to make in impact with limited space? Are you challenged to make your product stand out in a crowd? Challenge us!