Challenge Accepted: Product Floor Display

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions worked alongside Cricket and its advertising agency TPN to produce a floor display showcasing Cricket’s prepaid cell phone lineup. The display would be positioned at select Best Buy locations and feature three different Cricket PAYGo cell phones. This product display would allow the company to expand its brand presence into a new marketing channel outside of its existing store network.

The team at Imagine! created a multi-functional product display. Special attention was made to maximize the real estate being offered. The display was built to store merchandise and serve as a product demonstration unit. A three-sided unit was devised to have adequate peg space for three different cell phones being sold. Each section showcased an equal representation of prepaid phones.

Additionally, each side panel was equipped with a product demo unit where shoppers could interact with each phone. Phones were tethered to the display allowing customers to demo the product. Brochure holders were also included on the piece providing literature on the company’s product lineup.

Over 50 displays were printed, kitted and supplied to Best Buy locations in the Chicago area.

The Specs:

Main Unit: Three-sided unit printed 32 ECT B with 80# litho label. Main unit included three identical trays with a triangular center piece. Plastic peg hooks were incorporated on piece to hang merchandise from each section of the display.

Side Wraps: Printed on 24 pt. C1S SBS folding carton stock. Product demo unit on each side wrap included phone tethered to display for customer interaction. Additional plastic brochure holders were integrated to hold 3.5” x 8.75” brochures.