Challenge Accepted: Product Display

T-Mobile was on the hunt for a well-designed merchandise display that would generate a sales lift for its prepaid category. The point-of-sale display would be placed into a national consumer electronics retailer during the holiday season and engineered to showcase various prepaid phone products.

Imagine! jumped at the challenge to produce a vibrant two-sided floor structure that could handle enough merchandise for a promotional store set. A rigid corrugate display was devised, featuring a strong base coupled with interlocking tray units. The structure design included ample reinforced peg space to organize and secure product.

Special attention was made to the overall real estate of the display in order to maximize impact. A dimensional column centering both sides of the display was strategically lengthened along one side to provide a larger messaging footprint and grab attention on the sales floor. More than 700 merchandise displays were partially assembled, kitted and shipped to store locations across the nation for placement.

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