Challenge Accepted: Pop Up Display

Dairy Queen sought an attention-grabbing display to promote its new Jurassic World-themed Blizzard treat and coincide with the release of the summer blockbuster. The in-store display required quick assembly, durability, and an impactful presence to impress and attract customers.

Imagine! went to work engineering a three-dimensional floor stand that could provide an instant display effect when assembled. A rigid elliptical column was devised, along with wing add-ons that, when combined, would mimic the shape of the iconic Jurassic Park gate from the film. Blizzard ice cream cup lug-ons were added to draw attention to the new product.

Designed to be foldable in order to minimize bulk during shipping, the display could quickly spring into place upon in-store assembly. This allowed for additional marketing collateral to ship together in one promotional campaign kit. More than 4,400 displays were printed and shipped to Dairy Queen locations across the nation for assembly and placement.


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