Challenge Accepted: Permanent Impression

Within any retail environment the goal is to evoke an emotional connection between the consumer and your product. In some cases, a product can present any Visual Merchandising Team with an in-store challenge. ThinkGeek, a subsidiary of consumer electronics retailer GameStop, was faced with a product demonstration challenge for a series of lighted wall products. 

The Imagine! Permanent Display team jumped into action to manufacture a lighted merchandise display. A three-dimensional shadowbox was created to demo the product line on-shelf. We assisted in creating two versions of lit shadowboxes. One used a sensor-activated lighting system, and the other incorporated an on/off switch. 

An example of design beyond print, this display melded permanent and printed components to deliver an impactful backdrop. Coupled with ThinkGeek merchandise, this display made an impressive presentation in stores. 


Next time you need help designing a permanent display that increases your product visibility, challenge us. Our permanent display team offers complete turn-key services, from concept and design to fabrication and fulfillment. Click here to view more permanent display challenges we’ve solved for our amazing clients.