Challenge Accepted: Motorized Endcap Display

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions was called upon by Saatchi & Saatchi X to produce a creative endcap display that effectively promoted the company’s new product lines: Tide Stain Release Duo Pac and Bounce Dryer Bar. The endcap display would consist of a washer and dryer display as the centerpiece and include supplementary shelf liners and endcap side panels.

At the focal point of the endcap, the washer and dryer display would demonstrate the use of these two new products in the laundry process. The Imagine! Design Department worked closely with Saatchi & Saatchi X to turn a conceptual washer and dryer idea into a structural design.

By using numerous substrates and design techniques, the team at Imagine! was able to effectively produce an innovative and feasible endcap display unit. These units along with shelf liners and side panels were hand assembled, kitted and supplied to over 3,000 Walmart locations across the country.

The Specs:

Display & Front Display Panel: Printed 80# litho label mounted to 32 ECT B BW 2 sides; gloss UV coating. All pieces diecut.
Lug On’s & Dryer Door Lug: Printed 80# litho label mounted to 3/16 white pillowing foamcore.

Dryer: Dryer drum printed 16 pt C1S SBS with gloss UV coating. Back of dryer drum printed 80# litho label mounted to 32 ECT B Kraft. Window for dryer printed 20 mil clear rigid vinyl.

Washer/Case: Water feature screen printed 15 mil polycarbonate illusion film- aqua color- morie finish. Comet feature screen printed with 1/4” acrylic. Bounce bar printed 80# litho label to 3/8” white pillowing foam core. Case unit is 1/8” acrylic.

This display featured a housing compartment for an electronic motor. The motor was battery powered and spun the dryer portion of the display.