Challenge Accepted: Merchandise Floor Display

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions was commissioned by The Meyocks Group to engineer a creative floor display that would stock food and beverage products at a retail location. The display would feature a professional football team and be intended to replicate a tailgating experience.

The floor display was intended to be a highly constructed unit in order to support heavy loads. The Imagine! Design Department worked closely with The Meyocks Group to turn a conceptual idea into a structural design.

By using numerous substrates and design techniques, the team at Imagine! was able to effectively produce a high quality display unit. These floor displays were kitted and supplied to over 35 Hy-Vee locations across the country.

The Specs:

Display: Printed entirely using digital format and constructed mostly of corrugated board. A 3 mil clear laminate was applied to all exposures. The rear window was constructed from foam core and 20 mil clear rigid vinyl. Side panels were created by curving styrene over a corrugated sub-structure. Additional styrene poster was printed and flags were also included.

Stock Description:

  • 32 ECT BW 1 Side & 2 Sides
  • 3/16 Foam Core
  • 20 Mil Clear Rigid Vinyl
  • 20 Mil P300 Styrene
  • Solid Bleach White Corrugate

Additional Structural Components: Truck bed was engineered with a partition set underneath to support heavy loads. Stock used for non-print components include: 44 B/C Doublewall Kraft, 44 ECT C Kraft, 32 ECT B BW 1 Side. Plastic feet were constructed on the bottom of the display to make it possible to slide the structure.

Material to assemble the display was included with the kit. Thorough assembly instructions were included to aid in the construction of the floor display.