Challenge Accepted: Lenticular Floor Display

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Wells Fargo to create a promotional floor display for its retail banking network. The display would highlight the company’s plush pony checking account promotion, which is Wells Fargo’s biggest and most successful advertising campaign prepared yearly.

Imagine! worked alongside Wells Fargo to produce a vibrant display for the holiday season that featured Lightning- its 2010 collectible plush pony. The creative team at Imagine! was able to design and construct a unique snow globe display. The display was built to showcase an assortment of plush ponies, including those given to customers opening a new checking account or referring a friend to Wells Fargo. A snowflake-filled lenticular background and snowflake lug-on was added to complete a stunning snow globe representation. In all, the display consisted of sixteen individual pieces.

Special attention was made to the size and structure of the display. The display was designed to maximize the amount of limited space within a retail bank, and it was constructed to accommodate a partial assembly that provided Wells Fargo with substantial savings in shipping costs. Because of the child-centric promotion, the floor display was also built to withstand individuals standing on the base of the display.

The displays were printed, partially assembled, kitted and supplied to Wells Fargo for distribution to its 2,500 branches in its traditional retail banking network.

The Specs:

The graphic wrap for the base of the display was printed on 24Pt. SBS with a wood grain look and the base lid was printed on 10Pt. SBS with a glitter appearance. The interior of the base was constructed from corrugate to provide a stable structure. Braces for the lenticular backer panel were also included. The backer panel was printed on 34 mil 50 LPI lenticular and mounted to foam board. The snowflake lug-on was printed on 10Pt. SBS.

Additional assembly instructions were printed providing associates directions on full assembly.