Challenge Accepted: Flooring Sample Kits

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions and Stonhard teamed up to design a product sample kit for Stonhard’s field representatives. The kit would feature small flooring samples, each with different color offerings and tile thicknesses. Each unit would accurately depict each flooring system color, while protecting the delicate stone that sat inside the package.

From initial design to completion, a team of highly experienced designers at Imagine! worked diligently to engineer a portable and practical fan deck and packaging combo. Stonhard’s field representatives were to use this as a selling tool to inform its customers about their high-quality flooring systems, product specifications, and wide array of flooring possibilities. The kit needed to be detail orientated, lightweight, yet cost-efficient.

The design team at Imagine! engineered a swatch fan deck and single packaging system to house the set together as one unit. More than 350 complete carrier sets were engineered, printed, and hand assembled in-house. Each fan deck had between 10 and 26 different printed pieces, all unique to each fan deck, and had to be carefully assembled according to the order dictated by the client. This made for a total of more than 115 different printed elements within each complete unit, for a grand total of 42,750+ individual pieces for the entire campaign.

The Specs:

Carrier Box: Printed on .028 SBS C1S White with a satin coating and a 1.7 clear film gloss laminate to protect ink. Diecut, assembled, mounted handle to top and mounted Velcro to inside of package to secure.

Product Sleeve: Printed on 24 pt. C1S plus Tango SBS white gloss. Diecut, glued, assembled with eyelet and elastic band; kitted.

Fan Deck Squares: Printed on 24 pt. C1S plus Tango SBS white gloss. Diecut and assembled with varying lengths of screw posts. Each fan deck was inserted into their appropriate product sleeves. Seven different sets of fan deck/product sleeve combos were then inserted into a carrier box, carton packed, and shipped directly to the Stonhard headquarters for distribution to the company’s field representatives.