Challenge Accepted: Employee Launch Kit

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with GameStop to produce a unique employee product launch kit. The kit would highlight the launch of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a new video game sold at GameStop retail locations.

GameStop looked to Imagine! to create an innovative kit that would excite in-store associates about the new game and encourage pre-sales. The creative team at Imagine! developed an original tank structure design for the employee launch kit. Structurally, the tank was built to hold promotional items in the base, or hull, of the unit. The top tank turret is connected to the hull using a unique die cutting process and is fully movable.

These product launch kits were hand assembled, kitted and supplied to over 4,500 GameStop retail locations across the country. The kits were shipped pre-assembled allowing for quick display at each retail location. Special attention was made to kitting the product efficiently to protect from damage during the shipping process.

The Specs:

 The tank units were printed litho on 24 pt. board. Promotional spec sheets were also printed at Imagine! describing the game and in-store promotion. Additional promotional material was provided by the customer, and included: t-shirts, lanyards and badges.