Challenge Accepted: Dynamic Imitation

A national wine retailer needed an attention-grabbing display to boost awareness for a new line of house wines. They looked to Imagine! for a design that would speak to a distinct product and evoke the warmth and cheer of loved ones gathering together.

The Imagine! team engineered an original concept for a realistic dimensional brick fireplace display that could smoothly carry over from Fall to be repurposed for Winter. Following ideation approval, Imagine! provided full-color renderings, white samples, and printed mockups for review and testing prior to production.

Each stage of this process was critical for visualizing the final product glorifier, mapping assembly needs, and troubleshooting potential challenges. From moving the brand name to the hearth to allow for maximum visibility, to ensuring perfect alignment of each printed brick, our expert insights and attention to detail enabled a truly unique and impactful POP execution. 

150 life-size fireplace displays were produced, packed, and shipped to be placed in stores nationwide. The retailer later reported that sales of their Firebrand wine products increased by an astonishing 43% during the promotion due to the elevated awareness achieved from this dynamic POP execution!

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