Challenge Accepted: Driving Engagement

A national specialty sports retailer sought to drive engagement, awareness, and overall sales of premium products in their stores. The retailer needed a modern signage solution that could be tailored to the unique identities of several vendor brands while maintaining a cohesive in-store aesthetic. 

The Imagine! Print Solutions team quickly got to work prototyping two versions of custom permanent displays that could mount to existing store slatwall fixtures. The designs included a battery-powered LCD video monitor that would play interactive and informational video clips at the press of a button. Channels were built into the front of the displays to hold static signage inserts that could change out with new product launches and promotions. With lightweight yet durable metal frames, the displays were engineered to be moved and re-positioned as needed to meet evolving store merchandising needs. 

Rigorous testing of display designs was performed both in-house and on location at a local store to ensure structural integrity, simple assembly, and easy installation for store associates. In addition to display and signage production, Imagine! provided fulfillment services for all display hardware, batteries, and SD memory cards, allowing these items to be purchased in bulk for a volume discount. 

Following a staggered schedule of vendor rollouts, 400 larger displays and 210 smaller displays were distributed to 40 store locations, with ongoing rollouts planned throughout the coming year. Each product vendor provided a 30-second video clip and art sized to display specifications, allowing them to customize video and graphics to reflect their own unique brand while fitting within specific program parameters. The new displays have received encouraging feedback from stores and vendors alike, and are expected to result in increased shopper interaction and sales lifts for all highlighted products. 

Are you looking for ways to merge print and digital messaging? Need design ideas to drive engagement and boost sales? Contact Imagine! Print Solutions to start concepting your next project!