Challenge Accepted: Creativity In Motion

A specialty retailer needed a dynamic POP display to draw customer attention, promote holiday gifting, and capture the unique spirit of their brand. They looked to Imagine! to bring their cosmic vision to life.

The Imagine! team transformed raw ideation sketches into a fun and impactful design, keeping ease of assembly a priority. To distinguish the display and simulate the motion of a spaceship floating through the galaxy, a battery-powered motor was incorporated to spin a starry background. Display components were constructed of litho label-mounted corrugate, with printed foamcore lug-ons added to create a dimensional effect.

As the project progressed, it was determined that partial assembly would ensure the simplest in-store set up while minimizing freight costs. The motorized window pieces were assembled at Imagine!, while the display base and lug-ons were shipped flat with detailed instructions for finished installation at the store-level.

Imagine! produced, packed, and shipped 50 seasonal cosmic displays to be placed in store locations across the U.S.

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