Challenge Accepted: Complete Retail Refresh

At Imagine! Print Solutions, we are well known for our ‘yes’ attitude and our ability to go above and beyond to meet customers’ needs; no matter how unconventional the request, this talented team will find a way to get the job done. Read on to learn how we helped The Body Shop achieve a dramatic store refresh to revamp their entire brand!

An Exceptional Challenge

We faced a unique challenge when our client, The Body Shop USA, approached us with an urgent refresh project for its flagship Garden State Plaza store. Located in New Jersey, this store is utilized as the primary site to test display and merchandizing ideas before rolling out to stores across the country. Garden State Plaza was visited in late December 2015 by the international brand CEO, and while he was impressed with their creativity, he challenged their team to go even further. He planned a return to Garden State Plaza for a formal walk through in mid-January, during which he expected to see a complete re-branding of the store to The Body Shop’s core values: protecting the planet, supporting community fair trade, defending human rights, activating self-esteem, and standing against animal testing.

Imagine! To The Rescue

With a long list of unique needs and a two-week deadline looming, Imagine!’s Body Shop Account team immediately rose to the challenge, bringing together a variety of resources across our core capabilities to assist a valued client. We printed large posters, numerous signs and more than 700 price strips in two different formats. A number of hardware pieces and unique props were sourced for product staging, including LED bottle glorifiers, wooden crates, and artificial plants. Imagine!’s CAD team designed and produced custom magnetic heat-bent sintra signs to hold mag-receptive chalkboard stock, which Garden State store staff then used to hand-write messages with chalk pens.

Products and lightbox2

Because The Body Shop desired an eco-friendly, natural look, the Imagine! team solicited the woodworking skills of our Flexo General Manager, who fired up his home workshop to create handmade custom oak risers, wooden trays, product blocks, tree stump stools, and wooden tree slices. These wood elements were then arranged around the Garden State store for product displays.

footprint and stumps

Our friends at SEG Systems, LLC quickly put together custom lightbox fixtures and prototyped a stand-alone shelving display. The Imagine! Express team was called upon to produce cut vinyl letters, vinyl shelf and table wraps, backlit silicone-edge graphics, window decals, and traffic graphics, which they achieved in an extremely quick turnaround with their usual exceptional quality. Additionally, Imagine! Express coordinated the entire installation on-site at Garden State Plaza with one of their trusted teams.

lightbox front window display

Our Solutions Achieve Success

Despite some stressful moments experienced by all parties, the entire Garden State Plaza endeavor was a huge success. The Body Shop CEO down to the marketing team all expressed high praise for ingenuity, innovation, and resourcefulness. The Body Shop is now working to extend this refreshed brand look to all stores across the United States, and will collaborate with Imagine! again to achieve their goals on an even larger scale.

storefront with cut vinyl and decals_Edit

Ultimately, Imagine! was able to achieve what we do best: making our customers look great. Our accomplishments with this project also demonstrate a prime example of the fact that Imagine! is no longer just a printing company; we’re a solutions company.