Challenge Accepted: Ceiling Dangler

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions partnered with Dairy Queen to produce a creative in-store display promoting the company’s various gift cards during the holiday season. Three versions of the point-of-purchase display would be produced for Dairy Queen.

Imagine! worked step-by-step with Dairy Queen throughout the entire design process. The original intent was to produce a counter card display promoting the holiday gift cards as a stocking stuffer. After consulting, Imagine! and Dairy Queen redesigned the piece to be a ceiling dangler. This conceptual change allowed DQ to preserve counter space and still have an impactful holiday sign.

More than twelve thousand ceiling danglers were hand assembled, kitted and supplied to Dairy Queen restaurants across the country.

The Specs:

Stocking Sign: Printed on .012 C2S Ancora SBS White Gloss C2.
Stocking Top w/Danglers: Printed on 10 mil Rigid Vinyl Clear G/G Rigid Pvc.
Gift Card: Printed on 24 pt. C2S Ancora SBS White.
Topper: Printed on 200-B Flute Corrugate Bleach White.

In addition, the team at Imagine! produced an assembly instruction sheet for each retail location. This allowed for quick and efficient assembly.