Challenge Accepted: Brand Elevation

A national wine retailer needed an original concept and dynamic P.O.P. display to promote vodka made in the United States. Because the campaign was due to launch around Independence Day, they envisioned a star-spangled display that would convey a sense of patriotic pride for their American-made products.

Imagine! was appointed to deliver concept themes, slogans, and renderings to the customer. After ideation approval, we engineered a festive red-white-and-blue product glorifier that included dimensional, pole-mounted signage and a case wrap with interlocking corner pieces. Its 4′ x 8′ base dimensions were expandable up to 16 feet to accommodate varying store footprints.

Beyond this main display, the project grew to incorporate accompanying endcap signage, channel strips, shelf talkers, and detailed instruction sheets to ensure seamless installation at store level.

Our production teams skillfully maintained color consistency across print processes and materials for each of the project elements. Following a true ‘concept to delivery’ progression, the display kits were packed, shipped, and placed in 129 stores nationwide.


Struggling to promote your unique brand? Have ideas but don’t know where to start? Challenge us!