Case Study: Timeline Reduction

Slow Reprint Execution:

A large wireless telecommunications retailer with a national footprint was struggling to get to market quickly when replenishing its in-store graphics. The company’s distribution center handled reprint projects, and it was clear they needed a better workflow to overcome numerous challenges:

  • Long timelines
  • Slow speed-to-market
  • In-Store compliance gaps
  • Lost business opportunities

Process Improvement:

As an existing print supplier for this retailer, Imagine! saw an opportunity to assist further and take over the replenishment process the client had been outsourcing. The Imagine! Project Management team developed an exclusive workflow to print, kit and ship its special requests.

As replenishment orders were submitted, planning and estimating processes were consolidated allowing for minimal lead times and a quick processing response.

Imagine!’s large-format, digital equipment was leveraged to produce high-quality graphics fast, and our stock inventory program provided an array of materials for on-demand planning. Complex kits with hand-assembly and finishing requirements were turned around quickly with a flexible scheduling program.

Timelines Cut in Half:

The client greatly benefited by consolidating its graphic replenishment program into one source. By streamlining its workflow, the timeline to produce kit-packed reprints was reduced from an average of 10 days to five with in-store delivery to any store nationwide on the sixth day. Because of the lead-time upgrade, communication between field and corporate improved and orders were quickly processed and delivered in a more efficient timeframe.