Case Study: Storefront Technology

Inefficient Signage Execution:

Prior to selecting Imagine! as its primary seasonal signage partner, Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) did not have a system in place to profile its retail store locations. The company’s list of headaches included:

  • Cumbersome, manual process
  • No insight into store profiles
  • Excessive spend on marketing
  • No data from previous campaigns
  • Producing one-size-fits-all kits

Sending all stores the same kit, left smaller, less elaborate stores with an overload of extra signage that would immediately be tossed.

A Web-based Solution:

AAFES looked to Imagine! to provide an innovative solution for determining store-specific profiles for the 1,000+ AAFES army base locations across the country.

With the help of AAFES’ marketing team, the Imagine! custom application team worked quickly to identify store profiles in order to streamline product distribution. Within days, AAFES was up and running, leveraging a branded storefront solution. The web-based portal was designed and data was backed into the profiling system based on previous store orders.

Today, the custom application team is on hand for each new campaign. AAFES uploads signage files to the ordering portal and Imagine! pushes a notification email to location managers announcing the opening of the ordering window. Store managers place orders during the designated ordering timeframe. Imagine! then aggregates orders, produces materials, assembles and ships custom kits to each location.

Enhanced & Efficient Ordering:

The storefront solution for AAFES has proven essential. The company has saved immeasurably in the long run being able to pinpoint the exact needs of each store. The technology continually proves its worth:

  • Reduces excess spend
  • Lessens excess waste
  • Print-on-demand capabilities
  • Streamlined campaign management
  • Living, breathing profile management
  • Campaign data visibility