Case Study: Single-Source Provider

The Challenge:

The 7-Eleven October monthly kit was to be the first Imagine! produced for them. However, when its incumbent printer immediately ceased its print services, 7-Eleven looked to Imagine! to print and fulfill its September kit, which was due to ship direct to the 8,000+ stores in less than one month.

Imagine! accepted the challenge and printed all items for the kits and got them out the door on time. Not one store kit arrived late.

The Solution:

Imagine! Print Solutions is now 7-Eleven’s single source for their in-store Point-of-Purchase needs, including printing (sheet-fed lithography, flexography, digital & screen), kitting, fulfillment, distribution, digital asset management services and help desk support services.

We produce and manage 1,600+ permanent inventory items for 7-Eleven as well as monthly kits that include up to 700+ components and 6,400+ different versions, for a total distribution to approximately 8,460 stores per month. Additionally, we provide store profiling services and implemented an Oracle Punchout Site, enabling the customer to order inventory from an online catalog.

The Results:

7-Eleven eliminated 30% of its production schedule by single-sourcing all activities through Imagine!

Inventory backorders went from 50% to nearly 0% because of our inventory management and fulfillment solution.

As an integral part of our services to them, we routinely help 7-Eleven identify and execute cost-savings programs, such as:

  1. Front Door Posters: Imagine! found a more cost-effective stock to use for the front door posters, resulting in 62% savings to 7-Eleven.
  2. Endcap Headers: The contract CPU for the monthly endcap header kit was reduced by using new mounting equipment, resulting in 13% savings to 7-Eleven.
  3. Wine Headers: A better stock was determined for the quarterly wine headers, resulting in 57% savings to 7-Eleven.
  4. HDAT’s new print layout: The back ID tag was shortened (saved on material) and a new layout was designed to print and ship the HDAT and back ID tag in a carrier sheet instead of scrapping the material and poly-bagging the pieces. 7-Eleven saw 8.5% in savings.