Case Study: Replicating Reality

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of replicating reality. Below, we’ve got another example of Imagine!’s innovative replication abilities. Read more about how we created realistic stacks of newspapers for fashion retailer Chico’s:

A Specific Vision
Popular fashion retailer Chico’s has partnered with Imagine! Print Solutions for years, on unique and challenging projects. Recently, Chico’s contacted us with a specific vision: a stack of newspapers to feature in front window displays during their autumn “In the News” campaign.

The original design called for the use of real newspapers, which would have burdened Chico’s with excessive shipping costs. They needed a solution that would be both economical and adhere to the aesthetics of their original vision.

A Realistic Solution
The Imagine! structural design team immediately brainstormed and prototyped the perfect alternative: a realistic-looking newspaper stack, created using SBS filled with a corrugate insert and tied with real twine. The Chico’s team was thrilled with this result, and Imagine! received the go-ahead for production. More than 50,000 newspaper replicas were printed and distributed to 580 Chico’s store locations. Imagine’s visually appealing and cost-effective concept took only one month to design, produce, and ship to stores at a fraction of the original freight cost.

Replicating Reality
Imagine! has earned a reputation for saying “yes.” We take our customers’ specific visions and bring them to life—fast. The entire Chico’s newspaper project, from initial concept discussions to placement in store window displays, took only a month, and our alternative design provided Chico’s with immediate cost savings.

Newspaper Instructions

Store teams received these “newspaper” assembly instructions

Sourcing real items for retail displays can be both logistically challenging and expensive. It pays to take a more creative approach, rendering replicas of real objects that can ship flat and easily assemble in store. At Imagine!, we take pride in offering a variety of quick, cost-effective options to our customers, supplying creative solutions to any challenge we are given.

Call us and see what we can recreate for you! There isn’t a challenge that will scare us away.