Case Study: Print-on-Demand

Wasted Time with Room for Error

Auntie Anne’s entices hungry mall-goers with warm, delicious pretzels. While they didn’t need any help with food-marketing, the company struggled to efficiently manage its complex menu board program.

Each of Auntie Anne’s 850+ locations has a different menu assortment with varying prices and distinct store layouts. Therefore, each store needs a unique signage kit. Previously, when a new item debuted, or a location needed a menu update, each franchisee manually wrote out an order form and mailed it to corporate.

Envisioning a streamlined process, Auntie Anne’s challenged Imagine! to provide a better system for their menu board orders.

Online Menu Builder

The pretzel conglomerate now uses a custom-built “menu board builder” print-on-demand system. Because most franchisees lacked identical store plans, products and prices, store profiles were created to link each location to specific business rules.

The user-friendly tool allows Auntie Anne’s to create custom menu boards, choosing from 100+ products. Franchisees log in and construct product menus with location-specifics. The options are pre-selected by corporate and each location orders approved products and flavors. Once the menu layout is approved, a print-ready file is instantly generated by Imagine!’s system and submitted into the digital print production workflow.

And because life happens, when things get broken, torn or lost, reorders are possible without waiting until the next campaign cycle. Should a store ever need an extra printed piece, they can independently order another and it will be on press faster than you can say “extra cheese sauce.”

Franchisee Freedom

This dynamic print management system is Auntie Anne’s new best friend. Printing on-demand gives the company the freedom to print exactly what they need, when they need it.

Perhaps the most useful of all, Auntie Anne’s now receives real-time data from this technology tool. The corporate marketing team now has access to macro-level data from its franchisee network, identifying regional trends and discovering key market nuances.


Franchisees now focus their energy on providing the perfect pretzel to hungry patrons, not wasting time on producing hand-written orders every few weeks. Auntie Anne’s can sit back, relax, and know that Imagine!’s menu board builder, coupled with its campaign management infrastructure, provides the perfect supply chain solution.