Case Study: Packaging Raised UV Varnish

The Challenge:

We love new challenges at Imagine! Print Solutions, so when fragrance retailer Thymes approached us to try Raised UV Coating on their candle packaging, we were thrilled to add it to our repertoire. This type of coating is unique in its ability to accent graphics and highlight key areas on an abstract element of a printed piece. Thymes wanted to ensure their Au Chocolat candle packaging would stand out and project a high-end look into the retail marketplace.

The Solution:

Since this was a new capability for Imagine!, we collaborated closely with Thymes. After many discussions, concepts and a few revisions, we confirmed the Raised UV Coating was the perfect solution for the candle packaging. As a bonus, Thymes cut costs by not embossing their packaging (with Raised UV, no embossing dies are needed.)

Additional advantages of Raised UV Coating:

  • Enhanced shelf appeal
  • Durable yet beautiful
  • Cannot be replicated easily (i.e., has security applications)

The engineering of the packaging itself was an admirable feat for the Imagine! CAD Department. The complete piece is comprised of 2 interlocking structures to keep the candle intact, with no chance of product shift.

The entire project was so successful that Thymes chose to utilize Raised UV Coating on future product line packaging.