Case Study: One-Sided Backlit Signage

The Two-Sided Challenge:

International Dairy Queen (IDQ) needed a new, cost-effective approach to the production of its restaurant backlit menu board transparencies. In-store and drive-thru illuminated signage had become costly to produce and manage.

The backlit menus were typically printed two-sided, which required additional time and resources to create. Two sets of plates were needed for each one and special attention was needed to ensure continuous registration between front and back images, requiring extra stock and press time to ensure superior color consistency and graphic quality.

Knowing their trusted print supplier Imagine! could help them adopt a new approach to the production of their backlit signage program, IDQ partnered with the Imagine! team to research and develop a more efficient way to print its translucent backlit material.

IDQ’s goal was to drive down costs, yet keep product quality and integrity intact. The company hoped to introduce new menu boards to its 5,000+ restaurant locations in the U.S. and Canada.

One-Sided Printing Process:

The winning solution was a one-sided backlit printing process that provided the requested cost savings and also improved upon the existing design.

By printing on one side, the time and resources devoted to printing the transparencies was drastically reduced. Additionally, Imagine! improved the quality of the final product through effective color management and color manipulation that accommodated the actual bulb color in the menu board fixtures, presenting a rich, vibrant appearance.

The Cost-Effective Results:

IDQ experienced substantial cost savings and an enhanced customer experience with the introduction of the new backlit menu boards. Imagine! saved the company valuable production time and resources, allowing them to divert their marketing dollars to other strategic opportunities.

The illuminated signage provided a robust, three-dimensional appearance showcasing IDQ’s food and treat characteristics. Finally, IDQ also received positive feedback from its franchisee network, improving overall franchisee goodwill.