Case Study: C-Store Complete Campaign Management

Total Supply Chain Solution:

National convenience store retailer 7-Eleven began searching for a single source supplier for its in-store, visual marketing programs. The company needed a partner to provide exceptional production capacity, to streamline their marketing supply chain. Most importantly, 7-Eleven wanted to give its team greater visibility to the in-store P.O.P. campaigns and signage kit complexity, simultaneously achieving:

  • Reduced turn times
  • Lower production costs
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced inventory backorders

7-Eleven Beverage - Big Gulp

Complexity Simplified:

7-Eleven secured Imagine! as its in-store P.O.P. graphics partner. With an extensive retail footprint of more than 8,000 store locations, the client leaned on Imagine!’s production horsepower to produce and manage its monthly and specialty kit programs.

Imagine! deployed a custom web-based campaign management system, including store profiling. Using P.O.P. management tools, campaign components were entered and appropriate allocations were generated based on store display requirements. Run lists, procurement reports and kit version content lists were created specific to the display capability of each store.

These tools, coupled with production horsepower, project management expertise, and an arsenal of kitting experts, led to the production and management of more than 7,500 unique kit versions sent to 8,000 locations for each campaign. One campaign had an average of 130 items per kit, and more than 1,500 permanent inventory items managed. Imagine! was uniquely qualified to handle such a complex program.

7-Eleven Sickle Sign - Hot and Fresh Food

Search for More Savings:

Imagine! continues to provide 7-Eleven with additional cost savings and process improvement suggestions. Production schedules have been compacted by as much as 30% through single sourcing all materials and pre-press processes.

Inventory backorders were reduced from 50% to nearly 0% through implementation of inventory management and fulfillment solutions. Imagine! consistently identifies and recommends material alternatives and design improvements to 7-Eleven as an integral part of our ongoing supplier relationship.