Case Study: Back Room Signage Solution

A Unique Solution for Sign Management

The Children’s Place sought out an efficient, yet durable solution for its back room. They had many signs that needed to be kept organized and neat, without a sustainable way of staying orderly. So the company turned to Imagine! Print Solutions to develop a storage unit program for its retail locations. They needed a long-term solution for organizing the in-store signage for its 1,100 locations.

Imagine! worked with The Children’s Place team to create a comprehensive storage system incorporating high quality, corrugate storage units and tab organizers. A library-style catalog system was developed, allowing for in-store associates to easily access and replace signage during promotional activities.

The Children’s Place saw immediate savings through a reduction in reprint and shipping costs with the decrease in sign damage and loss. The corrugate units also provided a cost-effective and flexible semi-permanent solution.