Challenge Accepted: Commercial Marketing Collateral

The Story:

Imagine! Print Solutions and Cargill teamed up to design a sales and marketing collateral tool for Cargill’s field representatives. The collateral piece featured the Sterling Silver premium steak brand.The team at Imagine! worked alongside Cargill to engineer a practical unit that was both informational and promotional in nature. Cargill representatives were to use this piece to promote thecargill sales collateral printing ideas Sterling Silver brand to new retailers as well as inform current customers of the product specifications.The design team at Imagine! produced a dimensional unit displaying the portion size of the steak product. The steak components were combined with a foldable plate design for a total visual solution. A single, easy-to-use unit was comprised. Over 3,500 of these collateral units were printed and hand assembled. These pieces were kitted and shipped directly to Cargill for distribution to the company’s field representatives.

The Specs:

The Cargill marketing and sales collateral piece was printed on 24 pt. C2S with Satin Coating. The piece was diecut and steak components were hand taped to allow for a three-dimensional effect. Velcro was applied to the unit holding the steak components together inside the folded plate design. Additional metal beaded chains were added to each steak component allowing the pieces to move freely, but also keeping the components intact with the plate design.