Enhancing Marketing ROI

When you’re forced to manage with less, what do you do? You don’t give up, you get creative. Print marketing budgets have been strained as more companies focus on getting the highest return-on-investment from their marketing campaigns.

As a marketing leader in your industry, you feel the yearly pressure to produce even more exciting, expensive looking campaigns than last year. It may seem impossible, but as budgets fluctuate, print suppliers and marketing teams are getting craftier.

Have you thought of incorporating fabric into your next campaign? fabricboxSave money on shipping and installation without sacrificing your big and bold graphics. This large fabric piece has been folded down into a small box for shipping.

Here are five ideas to consider that can enhance your print ROI:

  1. Consider material alternatives. Could moving from Styrene to a cheaper SBS stock be more economical?
  2. Discuss turning your signage into a semi-permanent program and rotate out promotional signage on a set cadence.
  3. Review installation and product setup time to drive out unnecessary hard costs.
  4. Work with your print vendor to discuss your program goals and see what ideas they have to stretch your budget dollars.
  5. Think of print as an investment versus a commodity. Ask yourself, “How can I drive more traffic or business using my print programs?” If you are able to demonstrate increased sales through print programs, will you be able to secure more funds for future programs?

Your print supplier should provide quality marketing solutions every time you engage them while also providing cost savings solutions.

Keep your imagery the same, but change up the hardware or application style.adhesive This adhesive backed sign was significantly cheaper after Imagine! re-engineered it from flooded adhesive to adhesive strips.

Test Imagine! with your budget challenges today! We’ll brainstorm solutions to meet your ROI goals.