C-Stores: Ground Zero for Consumers’ Caffeine Fix

Driving traffic to your stores with fresh coffee

Convenience store coffee gets a bad rap. But it’s no longer what it used to be: cheap, cold coffee that people stopped to grab while filling up their gas tanks or stocking up on cigarettes. As this Convenience Store News article reports, with more fuel efficient cars on the road and less smokers than there were 10 years ago, C-stores have been inclined to step up their roast game. Enticing people with coffee is one way to get more traffic, but the coffee has to be good.

No longer are coffee conglomerates such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts the only place to get your morning fix. Convenience stores like SuperAmerica and 7-Eleven have increased their coffee choices and made sure the coffee is just as good as the kind you can get at a fancy coffeehouse or the kind you make at home yourself. Not only is it better tasting and customizable with your choice of abundant add-ons, it’s fair trade. Consumers are drawn to transparent, sustainable, fair trade activities. If they feel like they are doing a bit of good while pouring themselves a cup of affordable coffee, the more likely they are to make a regular stop.

As the CSPNet.com article “Trends to Brew Over” explains, C-stores have a unique opportunity that quick serve restaurants and other coffee shops like Starbucks don’t. It’s dubbed “mixology.”

Sharon Kuncl, of C-Store distributor Eby-Brown, says “That’s what we call the ultimate experience, where the consumer gets a great cup of coffee and mixes in what they want. They can have the same cup every day, or they can use a different assortment of accompaniments to create a unique taste experience.”

Provide customizable options for your C-store guests, make it memorable, and make it flow. (Not just the coffee.) A well-organized and nicely-decorated coffee area will subconsciously make the overall experience better. Décor includes any specific wayfinding signage that allows customers to find just what they need or stumble upon something new they haven’t tried before – an example of mixology. Even further, if you change it up frequently with new flavors, consumers will be back in to check out the limited-time-only offer, or the seasonal add-in flavors.

You can emulate comforting, cozy coffee shop vibes by using quality, yet cost-effective materials to create displays, clings and signage, constructed by your expert marketing supplier.

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