Building a Strong & Purposeful Brand Through Loyalty Marketing

Your brand is more than your name, logo, and product. It’s not just brand recognition that builds a strong brand, it’s the intentional, purpose-driven and customer-focused actions that well-known, respected companies value.

Brand strength can be synonymous with brand equity. Brand equity determines the value of a well-known brand though metrics like customer loyalty.

Loyalty Programs

Retailers have some of the most loyal customers. With a cult-following, Starbucks has changed the coffee-shop experience forever. Their loyalty program, Starbucks Rewards, brings brand advocates back for more, sometimes even multiple times a day. They use this program to entice coffee-fiends into the store, or to their website, and to try new initiatives such as their order-ahead mobile app. It’s like the old adage: keeping your current customers happy is easier and more important than attracting new ones. In the end, these loyal customers will attract new customers on your behalf.

Activate Consumers

In-store marketing goes beyond signage, and another way to draw customers back is with in-store activation pieces. Bounce back cards, game pieces, coupons and more are designed to encourage a specific behavior, such as returning in the near future to redeem a limited-time offer, or present a promo code for a free product next time they’re in the store. Entice consumers at the store level to keep returning, and this will build loyalty.


Have a Conscience

Another way to promote brand strength is by proving commitment to making the world a better place – not just making money. Glasses frames distributor Warby Parker is a brand that gives back as a large portion of its brand philosophy. Above all else, they value responsible business, and that builds strong brand equity. Click here to read about their important cause, “Buy a pair, give a pair.”

Purpose in Person

Building a strong brand requires the ability for a consumer to relate, interact and connect with you. While there are countless new ways to engage consumers in the digital space, it’s important not to forget how much an in-person interaction helps to solidify a connection. If you want a doubly strong message, you can combine digital campaigns with in-store displays – we wrote about that here. Focusing on in-person loyalty marketing completes the omni-channel experience.