Break Through the Clutter with One-to-One Marketing

Shoppers today face an overload of visual clutter in the marketplace, whether it’s digital or in-person. A chaotic amount of messaging clogs up the aisles in such a way that shoppers barely notice brands’ attention-seeking efforts.

We know you’re constantly pushing to break through marketing clutter, to create intriguing, engaging messages that stand out from the rest. But have you found a way to do it in a constructive and meaningful way?

Less Commanding, More Connecting

As we’ve discussed many times before, the Four C’s methodology is a marketing effectiveness checklist that follows consumer engagement throughout the path-to-purchase process.

The first “step” of the Four C’s is to “command,” as in, “command attention.” It seems like these days, the only thing brands are trying to do is command – which is integral to the methodology; but they should also incorporate commanding attention with connecting with shoppers. This is the key to creating a relationship with customers.

To connect with your shoppers, you must put yourselves in their shoes. Do you want to virtually scream at customers for their attention? Or would you rather treat them like people, like friends who you truly want to engage with and get to know?

We’d like to assume the latter; therefore, as a brand, you’ve got to start focusing on connecting, and you connect with people by getting personal with your messaging.

One-to-One Marketing via Point-of-Purchase and Packaging

So you want to connect? Where do you start? One way you can do so is via variable data printing (VDP), a proven tactic to break through the clutter

Variable data printing allows you to reach a wide spectrum of your target audience, tailoring a message to a specific person or group, making it virtually one-to-one marketing, as opposed to one-size-fits-all marketing.

Since point-of-purchase marketing isn’t tailored to one specific shopper, you can whittle down the personalization to be location-specific or demographic-specific. Think of a market near a vacationer lakeside town: combine the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars into one convenient display using co-branding. It’s a s’mores one-stop-shop!

Similarly, do the heavy-lifting for the customer by placing like-items near each other. Create a “destination” or store-within-a-store zone that shows you’ve anticipated the needs of your shopper. Show them you have thought about what they need and delivered it. This is another form of personalization and customization. And according to Mindtree’s report, “Winning in the Age of Personalization,” 74% of shoppers believe personalized promotions encourage them to purchase a relevant product they haven’t purchased before.

You can also connect with shoppers with product packaging. It’s one of the only promotional pieces that shoppers take into their homes, so get all the mileage out of this as you can. Create packaging that keeps the needs of consumers in mind. Think of the questions they may have about your product and answer them upfront via packaging, with information, tips, tricks, coupons, promo codes, and more – show that your involvement in their lives doesn’t end at checkout.

How are you going to take these trends and apply them to your brand? We’re in the thick of the Age of Personalization, it’s time to get personal.