Build Impressions Through Branded Merchandise

Whether used on its own or incorporated into a larger promotional campaign, branded merchandise is an effective means to increase meaningful brand awareness, foster strong, positive relationships between consumer and brand, and even directly influence sales. As a significant representation of your brand message, it is crucial to avoid handling these promotional items as an afterthought. Consider these strategic tips when planning your next branded merchandise initiative. 


When selecting promotional brand merchandise, it is important to choose items that are functional, memorable, and representative of your unique brand. The more useful a particular item is, the less likely it will be thrown away, the longer it will be kept by the user, and the greater amount of impressions it will generate, providing demonstrable ROI.

A 2017 PPAI survey found that fun, functional, and trendy promotional products are most valued by consumers. 81% of consumers reported that they keep promotional products for more than a year. 

Pens, tote bags, keychains, bottle openers, and drinkware can be inexpensive to produce, yet are popular with users for their practicality. Wearable branding, such as t-shirts or hats, transforms users into brand ambassadors and free advertisers. As these items enhance brand awareness, careful consideration should be made in selecting items and styles that align with your brand values, personality, message, and intended consumer experience.


Coordinating branded merchandise and promotional signage achieves a unified look and greater message impact.

Custom branded merchandise integrates easily into any promotional campaign and can play an essential role in comprehensive marketing strategy. Branded items are often used to advertise and promote upcoming campaigns, to reward loyal customers, or to directly drive sales as incentives to purchase.

By aligning branded products with printed campaign graphics, brands can achieve a cohesive, harmonious look for their promotions. This in turn increases the overall reach of your brand message, building an impactful experience with your targeted audience and ultimately maximizing ROI.