BOPIS Delivers Major Benefits For Retail

As consumers continue to demand faster, more convenient, and more connected shopping experiences, many retailers are expanding their online offerings to include Buy Online/ Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) programs. Also known as Click & Collect, BOPIS represents the sweet spot between ecommerce and brick and mortar sales, combining the convenience of online shopping with the tactile gratification of shopping in store, with clear benefits to both retailers and consumers.

An estimated half of all U.S. internet users utilized a BOPIS program in 2017. (JDA Consumer Survey 2017)

Speed & Convenience

Consumers are attracted to BOPIS programs primarily for the convenience, flexibility, and speed they afford. The basic BOPIS approach intends to create a seamless digital to physical shopping experience: shoppers peruse store inventory from the comfort of their home, purchase items online, and collect items from an accessible location at a time that is convenient for them. Online purchase pick up is often staged in a designated store area, allowing shoppers to skip waiting in line to retrieve their items, and enabling a quick in and out experience. Additionally, BOPIS serves as near instant gratification to shoppers unwilling to wait for purchases to be shipped, providing the ability to hold physical items in hand much faster than typical home delivery. 

Cost Savings 

For the majority of BOPIS shoppers, avoiding shipping costs for home delivery is a key motivation for choosing to pick up purchases in-store. A 2017 consumer study found that 60% of abandoned online shopping carts were deserted due to high and unexpected shipping costs. By offering a free in-store pick up option for products purchased online, retailers reduce the risk of shopping cart abandonment while decreasing their own delivery and fulfillment costs.

BOPIS programs offer another significant cost benefit for retailers in the form of return rates. Because shoppers are able to check size, color, quality, and correctness of products at the point of pick-up, returns are minimized and any necessary exchanges can occur immediately. For specialty retailers such as florists, bakers, and others selling delicate or perishable items, BOPIS programs avoid the risk of damage in transit, ensuring customers always receive the highest quality product.

49% of BOPIS shoppers are willing to purchase additional items in-store when picking up their online order.

Upsell Opportunity

For retailers, the real value of BOPIS lies in its ability to drive shoppers into physical stores. Increased foot traffic leads to more in-store transactions and provides tremendous opportunity to cross-sell, upsell, and motivate impulse purchases. In a 2017 Click & Collect Consumer Preferences study, nearly 50% of respondents said they were likely to purchase an additional item in store when picking up their online order. Retailers can take advantage of these statistics with strategically-placed messaging and eye-catching POP displays to attract shopper interest and activate impulse buys.

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