Be Mod.

Customizable, modular floor displays

Your stores and locations are different, and your promotions vary. What if you could have one temporary display with interchangeable sections? Modular displays from Imagine! are created with your field employees and wallets in mind. Save time and money with one versatile display and update whenever you need.

Version your marketing displays by providing only the display parts each location needs. Or change out one piece of the display at a time for new promotions or products. They are functional, save you money and save your employees’ time of tossing old displays and constructing new ones. Use the same display and plug and play wherever.

Activating modular displays will help you with:
• Store versioning
• Periodic or frequent promotions
• New product releases
• Localized marketing

Come to us with your ideas and Discover how we can create a modular solution, specific to your needs. Contact your Imagine! Account Executive, or email, to discover more.