Amplify Your Message through Illumination

According to consumer behavior research, shoppers typically make a purchase decision in only a few seconds. Exposure to a product alone is not enough to significantly impact an individual’s decision at-retail. Consumers place visual appearance as the most influential factor that goes into their shopping behavior.

In order for a visual stimulus to be consciously processed, attention is needed, and consumers typically pay more attention to high-contrast stimuli. When used effectively, POP signage and displays will create an attention-grabbing impression of your brand and increase the sale of your product.

Here are some ways to amplify your message at-retail:

Strengthen color with backlit signage

Lighting is a crucial component in any retail space. Leverage light to enhance your message at retail by incorporating it into your POP program by using backlit signage. Research shows that backlit displays command an average of 38% more attention than traditional displays.

Backlit signage utilizes an LED light source to illuminate a transparent plastic sheet or opaque fabric. This illumination enhances color harmony between hue, saturation and lightness, and helps create emotional connections with your brand. As much as 85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product.


Backlit fabric signage enhances color representation

Leverage refractive surfaces

The lighting condition of a store can positively affect attention towards a sign or display. Utilizing materials such as foil board (metallic foil laminated to a heavy board stock) or Mylar film, allow you to refract a light source and call attention to your message. Foil board is a cost-effective product that brings an impactful impression to any brand.


Foil board refracts light delivering a striking appearance

Create artificial illumination

Draw attention to your product and brand message by utilizing edge glow acrylic. This translucent, colored tinted product features a vivid, fluorescent edge effect without the need for backlit. Edge glow acrylic can be shaped into many simple or intricate forms to fit your point-of-purchase display or signage application. Produced in many warm and vibrant colors, this product will attract attention and deliver high contrast compared to complimentary displays.


Edge glow acrylic material can illuminate your message

Add a spotlight

Increase the visibility and legibility of your message by incorporating a special ink or coating that is highly light-reflective. Printing an embellishment will create contrast, make your sign or display catch a consumer’s eye and shine a spotlight on your brand. Increase the visual strength of your message by using:

  • Reflective Ink
  • Foil Ink
  • Foil Stamping
  • Holographic Foil
  • Florescent Ink
  • Metallic Ink
  • Mirror Foil
  • Pearlescent Coating
  • Strike-Through Varnish
  • Glitter
  • UV Gloss Coating
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Ink