Activating the Force of AR

A large national grocery retailer sought to create an out-of-this-galaxy shopping experience and drive in-store sales in advance of Disney’s Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi film. After developing a custom augmented reality (AR) app, they needed to execute a corresponding graphics campaign on a tight budget.

Mobile view of AR character activated through floor graphic.

Imagine! readily accepted this critical mission. We collaborated closely with the client on a suite of interactive elements, including floor graphics, life-size character standees, hanging signs, aisle violators, and a product hutch display. Our Production Art team carefully versioned, retouched, and resized all signage art to ensure scannable AR icons were scaled precisely to trigger the app when using a standard cell phone camera. Strategic size alterations and smart packing allowed for minimized production and freight costs. 

Imagine! produced, kitted, and shipped promotion elements to 605 stores across the southeastern United States. With the program projected to result in a significant overall volume and sales lift for the client, it is safe to say the force was strong with this one!

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