5 Easy Ways to Help Store Associates Correctly Place P.O.P. and Signage

How do you ensure your next big campaign hits stores the way you’ve envisioned from the beginning? Make it easy for your field team to achieve compliance by considering these key tips.

1. Leverage Kit Labels

When your employees slice open the first box of a new in-store campaign or display, they should recognize immediately what the box contains and what they need to do with the contents. Vivid, easy-to-read labels provide clear instructions and call-to-action for those at the store level. Examples might communicate promo dates or read, “Do Not Toss,” “Retail Marketing,” “Act Now,” etc.

2. Keep Sign Storage Organized

It comes as no surprise to discover many stores have disordered, messy backrooms, but this reality becomes a larger issue when store associates cannot easily find promotional signage. Associates may waste valuable time searching, or simply defer to reordering any misplaced items. Be proactive by providing your teams the tools, ideas, and hardware they need to keep their store organized. Introduce backroom cleaning days and schedule them regularly as team events. Keep communication lines open with suggestions for store organization, and encourage teams to discuss concerns and ideas. Check out this example of a storage solution Imagine! designed for The Children’s Place.

Back Room Signage Storage

3. Include Instruction Sheets and Hardware Sets in Kits

As our post Focus on the Field illustrates, ensuring compliance at the store level requires all components needed for a new promotion are present at setup. Work with your suppliers to ensure that your promotional kit contents are clearly marked, and include detailed instruction sheets for any P.O.P. requiring assembly in-store. Guarantee that all stores possess hardware items critical to a given display by incorporating these elements in your kits. These simple steps act as a fail-safe and set your stores up for success.GameStop instructions

4. Maintain Timely, Straightforward Communication

Keep your stores well informed and up-to-date with the details of upcoming promotions. Clear communication of timelines, changes, concerns, and expectations for execution allows for enterprise awareness and encourages a team dynamic.

5. Follow Up With the Team

Your teams in the field are on the front lines—they know what is happening in your stores and are the best resource for information, ideas, and feedback. Engage with them after a promotion ends to discuss their take on what elements went well, what fell flat, and what could be improved with the next event. An easy option for eliciting these responses is to develop a feedback survey for team members to complete. This survey data can be utilized in the planning of the next promotion and demonstrates to your teams that their input is valued.