5 Outsourcing Pitfalls When Multiple Partners Are Involved


There is an increased chance for execution failure, or something slipping through the cracks, when elements are dispersed among multiple marketing services providers. How is your overall process being controlled when frequent campaign change-outs occur? By centralizing your campaign program, you minimize risk associated with campaign control, turn-around times, and speed-to-market.


More vendors in the process makes it harder to control quality. Are your partners outsourcing too? Do you know how many vendors are really in your process? By partnering with a single marketing services provider, you’re assured captive control over brand consistency, color matching and product quality.


You can be a better steward of your company’s dollars when using less vendors. How much extra are you paying for inbound/outbound freight to move your product? Are costs associated with multiple make-readies, excess stock and additional labor adding up? Utilizing a single source supplier allows you to better control costs, leverage economies of scale and realize savings.


Soft costs can grow quickly and go undetected without a streamlined process. Are you indirectly paying for additional prep services and stock inventory programs that create redundancy? How much extra in-store time is it costing workers to figure out what to do with multiple supplier shipments? By partnering with a single source, you’re ensured greater visibility into valuable time and money savings.


Sluggish response times from multiple partners coupled with slow issue resolutions hinders speed-to-market execution. How much time have you added to your process and campaign timelines by using multiple partners? Working with a single supplier gives you greater control, flexibility and time-to-market compression.

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