5 Campaigns Brought to Life Using Color

Check out these five inspirational displays that used color to make the brand messaging unforgettable.

Dimensional Window Display

Not only is this larger-than-life purse full of colorful flair, it’s a jumbo replica of a real purse sold by Aldo. It takes a keen eye to color match perfectly to a physical object. What do you think, are they a match? Also, notice that Aldo decided to break the norm and position this display on the inside and outside of the window, creating a unique dimensional effect. Keep an eye out for this outrageous window prop on your next shopping trip.



Edge Glow

No stranger to unique applications, L Brands wanted something trendy and flashy for its Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day in-store campaign. Since Imagine! is the go-to for nontraditional substrates and processes, we were armed at the ready. This time we leveraged Edge Glow: a fun, flexible material that has a realistic “glow” when cut and printed on. Any edge or words printed on this material looks like it’s lit up. Hence, Edge Glow. This one-of-a-kind substrate can be seen in stores now.


Impactful Endcap Header

The creative services team at Imagine! was tapped to create a focal piece for Aldi stores – an endcap header with stopping power. Its duty was to highlight the grocer’s new products. After a few rounds of concepts, Aldi chose this modern, colorful design.


Red, White and Barbecue

As a large P.O.P. supplier for Kroger stores, Imagine! produces countless projects throughout the year. This past summer, Kroger promoted its Red, White and Barbecue campaign. For the various stores across the country, they installed a modular solution, perfect for the brand’s mix and match needs. This colorful statement piece surely stood out.

Red White Barbecue


Red Foil Reimagined

There’s more than meets the eye in these American Eagle Holiday gift card holders. The shiny red color you see isn’t red foil, it’s actually a flawless combination of inks and coatings on silver foil that results in the exact red the fashion retailer requested. As with any project, we do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients, even if it takes reverse engineering and a team of experts to figure it out. This makes for happy customers, which is our most important goal.