Case Study: Complete Campaign Management

The Challenge:

Once a quarter, International Dairy Queen (IDQ) franchisees receives a kit of Point-of-Purchase (P.O.P.) materials to use for upcoming promotions. Store layouts vary throughout the IDQ restaurant system.

Previously, all IDQ P.O.P. materials were printed and collated into mailings based on stores’ most-common layout. If stores needed more than what was presented in their kit, they had to call and order the additional pieces. And stores that needed less threw out the extras.

To reduce storage space and create a more efficient process, IDQ needed a print supplier with extensive QSR industry experience to provide a solution that included custom collating, online capabilities and cost-conscious, high-quality products.

The Solution:

IDQ chose to Imagine! to design, develop and implement a web-based P.O.P. management system that handles the entire P.O.P. supply chain from file creation through distribution of 2,700 different versions of kits to over 5,500 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

The web-based campaign management system for IDQ includes:

  • Store profiling, address management
  • Distribution management
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Store-specific content lists
  • Custom reporting

Franchisees enter the specific display capabilities of their stores into the system and the IDQ marketing department enters campaign components and allocates materials based on store display capability.

The information gathered from the system enables IDQ to decide what new types of signage would be useful to the majority of restaurants. The corporate team is better informed of what franchisees can use, allowing them to make educated kit-content decisions.

Now, IDQ sends only applicable P.O.P to each location – this has increased franchisee goodwill immensely!

In addition, Imagine! hosts an electronic call center system for IDQ to document all store corrective actions and generates quarterly reports for quality performance reviews.

The Results:

By leveraging virtually all of Imagine!’s unique capabilities, IDQ lowered its total cost of ownership and the cost of their printed materials.

Communication is more efficient, waste is eliminated, and many franchisees have praised the positive improvements.